My grandmother was a professional artist, and her beautiful oil paintings fill my home today. I always loved art as an admirer, but it was just five years ago that I began painting.

My eldest daughter took my sister and me to a local "paint and sip" establishment. She had recently been to one in Colorado with a friend and greatly enjoyed the outlet that it provided for creativity as well as, of course, her glass of wine. When she suggested that we go, I couldn't wait. It was such a great bonding activity for the three of us.

Not only did I really enjoy that experience, but it opened up a desire I had always had to paint. When I expressed this desire to my then 11 year old, she simply asked me, "Why don't you start painting?"

Then it hit me - what was I waiting for? I went to the store, bought some paints and began this journey. All my work comes straight from the heart. I hope you will be inspired by my art and my story.