Anna's (my eldest daughter's) favorite painting

My favorite painting is winter. We live in New England, and this is the view I often see when I look outside from our kitchen window. When my mom painted this, she was learning how to paint the color white. White is such a tricky color, and she captured it so beautifully. White changes color depending on time of day (this case twilight), and it’s almost never actually white. If you look up close at an impressionist painting, or really any painting, you’ll see that the way the artist rendered white is so detailed. It has a million different colors – sometimes pink, purple, blue, yellow and even green. In this painting, I think my mom did just that – the pink, purple, blue and grey tones really capture the way the snow looks at twilight.

I’m most inspired by my mom’s art because she started painting just over a year ago and has developed so well artistically in such a short time. Sometimes, when you want to do something, but you don’t know whether or not you will succeed, even starting can be the biggest challenge. I’m most proud of my mom for getting in the car, driving to the art store and just starting. But, now that she has started, I’m also proud of how far she’s come and how beautiful her work is.