Rachel's (my youngest daughter's) favorite painting

Mom's paintings are excellent and beautiful. But my favorites are "The Lion King" and "Three Little Pigs". In “The Lion King”, the little lion, Simba is on his father’s back. The two are looking up at the stars. This is supposedly the scene where Mufasa (Simba’s father) tells Simba that the stars are the previous great lion-kings watching over them. I like this painting because “The Lion King” is probably my favorite animated movie with animals as the main characters. I also like how the lions look just like they did in the movie. I like "Three Little Pigs" because the painting is very simple. The three little pigs are smiling at us from a green background. I actually asked Mom to paint them from one of my disney books for my little cousins. One of the main reasons I like this painting is because I like to look at the illustrations of the three little pigs in my disney books. The painting is another beautiful illustration that is bigger and as beautiful (if not a little more). Another reason why I like this painting is because the three little pigs are one of my favorite storybook characters. Those two paintings that I just described are wonderful, and I enjoy looking at them.