My Evolution as an Artist as Observed by my Mother

Talent is a gift from God that we as people receive at birth, though what our particular talent is isn’t always evident to us from the start. Sometimes, talent lies within us, and neither we, nor any of our friends and family know that the talent exists and lies within.

My daughter, Irina (affectionately, Irochka), is the granddaughter of a famous Russian artist Edith Moseivna Raetenburg (1899-1975). Irina’s grandmother was a member of the Moscow Collective Union of Artists of the Soviet Union (MCUA USSR). Edith began drawing when she was fourteen years old.

About a year ago, Irochka ended up at a painting workshop and all of a sudden…what a wonder! Drawing captivated her – she developed a desire to draw.


The hidden talent was awoken. A higher power brought out the talent in her. Irina works often and she is very engaged with her art. She works on drawings, landscapes, and still lives. More recently, she has even begun working on portraits.

Irina takes art classes at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Danforth Museum in Framingham, and other workshops nearby.

When she first began painting, she began with landscapes inspired by our backyard – both summer and winter scenes. Her paint brush and canvas bring her joy. Her work conveys a very refined vision with a beautiful ability to convey space and impressions. Both successful and amazing. Even the smallest things like learning how to convey a new detail bring her joy.

I am proud of her. When I look at her paintings, I feel such joy for her.

Irochka, I wish you huge success in your new hobby. Keep at it! I want to repeat the thing that I always say to you. “With a book and a brush, you will never be bored.”

I love you so much,