My Son-in-Law's Favorite Painting

Of Irina’s paintings, my favorites are those that feature landscapes. In contemporary society, our minds shift from one focal point – one objective, one person, one moment – to the next in the blink of an eye. We often forget to relish the details that make our world a special place. When Irina paints landscapes, every inch of canvas receives equal attention. While the observer’s focus in “Bush with White Flowers” is certainly on the bush itself, it is the depth of color and texture in the trail and the background which brings the painting to life. Irina takes no shortcuts, nor does she gloss over the details in her work. She illuminates every blade of grass, every flower and every cloud with nuance and clarity. Irina’s ability to render the minutiae in a scene so vividly epitomizes her attitude towards both her artwork and her life.